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Find out how to create a fishtail braid chignon for a bohemian look.
Find out how to create a fishtail braid chignon for a bohemian look.

How can I create a fishtail braid chignon?

A flagship hairstyle for several seasons, the fishtail braid has become a real must-have. This year, we are wearing it in chignon form. With this hairstyle, you can get a romantic look in just a few minutes!

Straighten your hair to get rid of any frizz

Before starting your fishtail braid chignon, start by preparing your hair. After pampering it with a shampoo and nourishing treatment (to boost the hair fibre's resistance), dry it and create a beautiful blow-dried effect : a great tip for maximising hold and getting rid of any frizz. To get this smooth, sleek look you have two options: create a soft result (using a round brush and a hairdryer) or straighten your hair using straighteners. You have carte blanche!

Plait your hair using the fishtail braid technique

Second step: start forming the fishtail braid ! To do this, rely on the classic technique which consists of starting at the base of the nape of the neck. Start by dividing your hair into three sections: the middle strand (the main one) is your marker, as well as the base for your hairstyle.

To start, take an outside strand from the left-hand section and bring it into the middle. Do the same thing with a strand from the right-hand section and so on. Plait right down to the tips, then tie your braid with a transparent hair tie.

This hairstyle is so appealing due to its bohemian and romantic style, so feel free to pull lightly on it to loosen it all: a perfect way to avoid a look which is too severe. However, ensure your braid is neat for the following step.

Our tip: to dress up your future chignon, feel free to put in a sleek braid on one side of your head before starting the fishtail braid.

Gather your hair into a chignon to finish off the hairstyle

The final step: creating the bun! To make the most of your fishtail plait, wrap your braid around and form a banana chignon. Fix it all using wavy hair grips (chignon hairpins) and finish off the hairstyle with Fix Spray for maximum hold.

To dress up your hairstyle, feel free to add a few decorative hair slides by inserting them into your bun. A sophisticated finish for a look which you could wear around town or on an evening out. Decorated with a few flowers, it is also the perfect look for a wedding!

Now you have mastered this hairstyle, take a look at which earrings you should choose to enhance it !


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