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Find out which accessories were on trend throughout the ages
Find out which accessories were on trend throughout the ages

Hair Story: on trend hair accessories throughout the ages

Headbands, hair-bands, combs, wigs... There are many accessories available to boost your hairstyle. Whilst Twistbands, hairbands or buns are current hair trends, we look back at three accessories which have travelled down the ages.

The comb: a cult in Antiquity

In ancient times, the comb was THE it-accessory for aristocracy and all civilisation. More than just a pretty hair slide, it was a lucky charm, an amulet. It carried a spiritual message and was classed as a symbol of immortality or even a token of love... they just couldn't get enough of it. Made either from bone, wood, ivory or gold, the comb evolved.

In Spain, it was essential for adjusting a body-boosted chignon . They even added a few XXL flowers for a Coachella look (great for a wedding!). For Egyptians, the ideal adornment was a fleur-de-lis on top (for a purer life). Today, we often try this look out to tame rebellious strands or to try out a bohemian look.

The wig: the cool accessory of the 18th century

Cleopatra, Marie-Antoinette... and even Sia: they all fell in love with the wig! Since Antiquity, the Egyptian elite wore it to protect themselves against head lice and sunburn (as they often shaved their head). The must-have look of the era? Plaited or curly wigs.

Whilst Louis XIII started the movement due to his loss of hair, it was the Sun King, Louis XIV, who set the fashion trend. Very quickly, it took off and the entire court wore wigs. More than just a practical element, it opened the door to all kinds of crazy hairstyles. Proof being, Marie-Antoinette's hairdresser created the 'pouf' hairstyle: a small cushion hidden away under her hair allowing her to play with volume (since then, the bun has been invented). It didn't stop there- the stylist got carried away: trinkets, flowers or dolls were added, as if they were making a Pinterest board! Quite the concept!

In real life, we experiment with wigs but not hard-core: we tend to choose natural hairstyles and tie it in a chignon during the day. In the evening, however, it's carte blanche!

Le foulard nouer dans les cheveux. Nous, on adore ! #jeanlouisdavid #inspiration #fashion #hair #tendance via Pinterest

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The bandeau or headband, a huge trend in the 20s

In the 1920s, women became emancipated. Hair was cut short in bobs in the style of Louise Brooks or tied up into a Charleston chignon, not to mention the pixie haircut which also made an appearance. Often on the side-lines since ancient times, the headband made its come-back. Pearls, satin, feathers, lace... it reappeared, but this time, all dressed up. Placed on the forehead or on top of the head, it added a twist to all hairstyles.

The 60s arrived and along with it stars such as Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve. In the meantime, the headband was still around but remained low profile. Whilst BB made the combination of a wide headband and a quiff at the back of the head popular, Demoiselle de Rochefort opted for a headband tied in a bow to hold back her loose hair. In the 70s, the headband evolved yet again. The conventional look was gone, making way for the Hippie influence: plaits and finer double strand headbands. Since then, bandanas, scarves, and the bandeau have made a big comeback. As for headbands, hair jewels are very current, for a casual, retro, or a bohemian look.

Without doubt, on trend hair accessories are a great alternative to the hair tie!


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