[Hair Story] A closer look at argan oil

Used for centuries on skin and hair, argan oil is a real asset for treating your locks. Packed full of Vitamin E, it deeply boosts the hair fibre.

A must-have treatment since ancient times

Known since antiquity, argan oil was first of all considered as a remedy for skin conditions. Extracted from the argan tree, a plant symbolic of Morocco, this vegetable oil has been popular amongst Moroccans for centuries, in cooking as well as cosmetics. Different to the edible version (in terms of the manufacturing process), the treatment oil is used in several situations: to improve skin’s elasticity, (due to its dermatological virtues), as a painkiller and as a miracle treatment for dry hair!

Argan oil repairs and protects hair from ageing

In general, you have every reason to use hair oils. Depending on the type of oil, they can purify, protect, nourish and soften. Argan oil has anti-oxidising properties (perfect for fighting against signs of ageing), allowing you to deeply repair and protect your hair.

Its Vitamin E content stimulates cells and boosts hair growth. It’s an oil that repairs hair which is too dry and it also has the ability to tame frizz. A precious ingredient which can be found notably in the products from the Oil Therapy range, with their three-oil based formula.


Apply it to the ends of your hair or use it for an oil bath

Although it is best for hydrating your hair, argan oil also risks weighing your hair down and making it greasy if you apply too much. The right amount? Apply it to the ends of your hair (morning or night).

Another option: use it as a reparative mask and add it to an oil bath every two weeks. Although the expression, ‘a small amount is enough’ may be misleading, this ritual is best for intensely hydrating your hair. You just need to spread the product all over your strands and scalp. Leave it to soak in for as long as possible- ideally for a whole night, then wash your hair.

Now you know everything about argan oil, take a closer look at how shampoo has been used throughout the ages. Natural formulae in ancient times, eggs and alcohol in the Middle Ages, up until the first signs of modern day shampoo in the 18th century… we take a look back at this product which is an essential part of your beauty regime!

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