Hair perfume

Does the fragrance of your shampoo fade too quickly or does your hair smell of smoke? Now is the time to talk about hair perfumes. In a few squirts, your locks smell fabulous, and are nourished and protected. This new fabulous product is a real beauty essential!

What is the difference between hair perfume and classic perfume?

Hair perfume is different firstly due to its alcohol-free formula (or formula made from neutral alcohol), so it will not dry out your hair. Also, it suits people who are subject to skin reactions. Furthermore, it is not only a way to make your hair smell great, but it is also a real treatment containing oils and/or protective agents for your hair (anti-UV, for example).

Can it be compared to dry shampoo?

No, as dry shampoo is used in between washes. Hair perfume, like classic perfume, is not used as a cleaning product, but is more of an added extra touch for your hair.

And hair mist?

It has the same principle as hair perfume, but it is lighter (and often cheaper), a bit like an eau de toilette.

When should you wear hair perfume?

You can use mist or hair perfume every day – spray it on first thing in the morning, as a touch-up in the middle of the day or in the evening. But, whenever you use it, spray it at least twenty centimetres away from your hair. This product is a precious ally for your locks, which you should pop into your hairstyling kit.

A piece of advice. When using shampoo, masks, hair perfume or mists, be careful of overpowering blends. To avoid this problem, several perfumers have already brought out a hair version of their top perfumes.

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