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The 40s: the height of pin-up hairstyles
The 40s: the height of pin-up hairstyles
The 40s: the height of pin-up hairstyles

Hair evolution: glamorous hairstyles from the 1940s


When the Second World War impacted on women's new working lives, hairstyles fluctuated between practicality and glamour to adapt to their needs and desire for independence, showcasing modern women who were not afraid to rock the pin-up style!

Victory Rolls: a cult hairstyle

In a time when the rolled fringe reigned supreme with every lady rocking this look, one variation went down in history: Victory Rolls. Two sections of hair, rolled and pinned up to form rolls on top of the head, framed the face, putting a twist on loose locks and chignons. Worn as a sign of support for the allied troops, these rolls had a shape inspired by a manoeuvre fighter pilots used during combat. They took the name of 'Victory rolls' towards the end of the war.

The pin-up turban

Whilst men were on the front line, women contributed to the war effort by working in factories. Hair products were few and far between, and loose hair became an annoyance when working. To address this issue, a large scarf tied around the head in the form of a turban became a real must-have. Highly practical, it held back any unruly locks and masked hair that was perhaps not looking its best due to a depleted haircare arsenal and budget. Furthermore, it allowed women to rock that pin-up style.

Curls with a glamorous twist

Between the occupation and liberation of France, looking stylish was a must. Hairstyles showcased sculpted floaty curls which tumbled down for a Hollywood look. Perms or curling tongs, curled locks from the mid-lengths down to the tips in shorter hair or curls cascading down one shoulder – women had all of these wonderful techniques at their disposal to rock glamorous curls and to personalise their hairstyles, like our Instagram hair stylist who specialises in vintage haircuts!

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