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Take care of your hair colour in summer
Take care of your hair colour in summer
Take care of your hair colour in summer
Hair colouring

Hair colouring: which summer regime should you adopt?


Coloured hair is more sensitive to sun damage, chlorine and sea salt. To preserve your colour's radiant shine, find out which regime you should adopt during your summer holidays.

Daytime sun protection

Although the sun is good for your hair (vitamin D boosts keratin production), overexposure can dry out your locks and alter your hair colour. That is why the hair fibre needs just as much sun protection as your skin. You cannot beat an anti-UV shield such as Jean Louis David's Sun Therapy Multi-Purpose Leave-In Gel for preserving your hair's colour. This leave-in treatment places a protective film over your locks to protect them from external damaging factors all day long. As for accessories, a scarf or hat are also perfect for protecting your hair's colour.

Beach or pool: an obligatory rinse

Thoroughly rinse your locks in clean water after each swim. By doing this you will remove any chlorine or salt water which can dry out your locks and make your colour look washed-out. This is also the best way to prevent your light-coloured or blond locks from turning green. Otherwise, wear a swimming cap or style your hair into a chignon bun to keep your locks dry.

A duo of essential targeted treatments

Shampoo specifically designed for coloured hair is essential for maintaining your colour as it helps to fix the pigments in your hair. To reinforce its effectiveness, use a highly nourishing reparative mask as an additional treatment. It will deeply regenerate the hair fibre which has been sensitised by summer activities. By restructuring the hair, your colour will hold better and its radiant shine will be better preserved.

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