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Find the perfect shade of blonde for this autumn
Find the perfect shade of blonde for this autumn
Find the perfect shade of blonde for this autumn
Hair colouring

Hair colouring: which shade of blonde to go for in autumn?


From the lightest to the darkest of tones, blonde is endlessly being reinvented. However, some shades are easier to take on depending on the season. Read on to find out which one you should go for this autumn.

Strawberry blonde, the mid-season IT colour

Halfway between blonde and red, this warm shade enriches your hair with autumnal tones. This makes it THE perfect blonde of the season! It is also the ideal colour for gradually making the transition from summer to winter due to its copper and golden tones. It flatters all complexions and it gives you a radiant glow, even when tans start to fade. Not only is it highly natural-looking on women with very pale complexions, strawberry blonde also enhances and brightens up darker skin tones with its sunny shades, verging on red. This vibrant colour is also one of the major trends of autumn-winter 2017-2018.

Platinum, a safe bet for pale complexions

A star colour for summer, this blonde verging on white still continues to be highly on trend. If you haven't dared to try it yet as you are worried it might give you a frosty look or that you may damage your locks by bleaching them just after summer has taken its toll (what with the sun, sea water and chlorinated pools): hesitate no longer! Autumn is the ideal time to go for ice blonde for a rock look or a glamorous Hollywood style. However, be careful. Although pale complexions can personalise this colour with pearlescent or ash highlights, people with darker skin tones should opt for strawberry blonde instead of this radical shade, as it tends to create too much of a stark contrast with their complexions.

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