Hair: 4 world records which will astound you!

A highly resistant beard, an XXL moustache or never-ending hair… Take a closer look at the most surprising hair records, all featured in the Guinness Book of World Records. They are bound to amaze you!

The world’s longest hair: 17 metres

Asha Mandela is a real life Rapunzel, but Rasta style! This 47 year old American has dreadlocks measuring over 17 metres long and weighing around 19 kilos. Very concerned about the health and appearance of her hair, she uses between 2 and 3 bottles of shampoo a week to maintain it. She considers her hair as ‘her babies’ and couldn’t imagine for a second cutting even a centimetre off.

The heaviest weight lifted by a beard: 63.80 kilos

Lithuanian Antanas Kontrimas beat this record on the show ‘Rekorlar Dünyasi’ in Turkey. With his long, perfectly maintained beard , he lifted a woman weighing 63.80 kg. Officially making him the man with the strongest beard in the world!

The world’s highest Mohawk: 1.15 metres

This record is held by Kazuhiro Watanabe, an American of Japanese origin. He has the highest Mohawk in the world, measuring 1.15 metres. This New York stylist, aged 40, has been growing his hair since he was 15. Proud of his XXL Mohawk, he explains that he needs two hours, a pot of gel and three hairspray cans to keep it upright.

The world’s longest moustache: 4.30 metres

Indian Ram Singh Chauhan hasn’t shaved his moustache since 1970. Today, it measures over 4.30 metres long. Every day, he takes care to pamper his precious locks by cleaning them and brushing them for two hours! Because of this record, Ram enjoys being famous, allowing him to appear in several Bollywood films.

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