Guys: sophisticated or au-natural this season?

For autumn-winter 2014-2015, Jean Louis David is loving longer, more natural styles for guys. Your locks should skim your eyebrows, yet be styled according to your individual tastes. Discover the different ways to style your hair in the coming winter months.
This look is based on a short bob shape. ‘Hair should cover the forehead and graze the lower lobe of each ear. Straighten from root to tip for a lightweight, softer finish. However, guys who prefer an edgier, rock-n-roll look can opt for a completely different look. Why not give the quiff a go, for example. The cut remains the same, whilst you can play around with the bulkier upper section and experiment with texture. This cut has so many styling possibilities’.
Make the most of your cut and learn how to create different effects. ‘For a more polished feel, add wax or serum to create the ever on-trend wet-look. Keep in mind that you should always leave your roots free of styling product to prevent any greasiness. Want to slick your lengths backwards? Simply add gel, then set with hairspray or a strong-hold product. It all depends on your desired look and your age range’.
The two main textures you should experiment with this season are high-shine and matte. ‘Creating a matte effect actually gives your hair more hold, meaning you can mould different shapes and structures more easily. Practice makes perfect!’
If you’d prefer to stick with your longer lengths, no problem; just add a beard. ‘This will instantly bring out your rugged, manly charm. Grow yours for a few days for a sexy, two-day stubble’.
Our advice: Shake off those stereotypes and give dry shampoo a go…it’s not just for girls! This nifty product can give your hair more density and texture. Perfect when on-the-go!
© Jean Louis David

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