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Hair oils can even be used on greasy hair!
Hair oils can even be used on greasy hair!

Greasy hair: which hair oil should I choose?

Did you think that greasy locks and hair oils were not a good combination? Think again. Some oils are perfectly suited to greasy hair as they can help combat excessive sebum production. We take a look at these plant-based benefits. Once you try them you won't want to be without them!

Hair oils have many beneficial properties for your hair: nourishing, purifying, reparative, anti-dandruff and more... There's no reason to go without, even if your roots tend to go greasy quickly. It is all about opting for the oils best suited to your hair type.

Essential oils

Certain essential oils have the power to cleanse the scalp and regulate sebum production, which is the main cause of greasy hair. This is especially the case for the essential oils bergamot, lemon, sage and lavender. Not forgetting the essential oil tea tree, used in the Jean Louis David Detox Me range.

For best results: Add three drops of your chosen essential oil to your usual shampoo. Leave it to work for two to three minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Plant oils

Despite their greasy texture, certain plant oils are actually recommended for controlling sebum production. Nigella oil, jojoba and even hazelnut oil combat hypersecretion by the sebaceous glands, whilst hydrating the hair fibre. Just what you need to rebalance your scalp and leave your hair full of vitality once more.

For best results: Once every two weeks, apply a small amount of the oil all over your hair. Leave it to soak in for as long as possible and then rinse it out thoroughly before using your usual shampoo.


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