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Two techniques for radiant locks.
Two techniques for radiant locks.

Gloss vs patina: which technique should you choose ?

If your colour is looking dull and down in the dumps, you have two solutions to give it a boost: the Gloss treatment or a patina. Need help deciding which one is right for you? Here are the key facts on each technique, so you can make an informed decision without pulling your hair out!

The Gloss treatment: a radiance boost for all hair types

Whether to prolong your colouring treatment's radiant shine or simply to revive your natural shade, with the Gloss treatment, anything is possible. This exclusive Jean Louis David technique is in fact suited to all hair types, whether fine or thick, coloured or natural.

What exactly is it? A semi-permanent colouring treatment, the Gloss acts like a top coat on your hair to give it an "ultra-shiny" effect. Applied in a personalised way, tone-on-tone, it intensifies highlights for irresistible-looking locks.

Its main advantage? With the Gloss treatment, there is no grown-out roots effect . This is the ideal technique for those who wish to have a first attempt at colouring their hair.

The patina: a beauty ally for coloured hair

A cross between a colouring technique and a treatment, a patina is exclusively for coloured hair.

What exactly is it? An oxidant-free corrective colouring treatment, a patina neutralises unwanted undertones which may appear in coloured hair, by placing a coloured light veil over the top. As a result, it can prevent bleached blonde locks from turning yellow. Thanks to its pigments, patinas can also play with an array of highlights to create a radiant colour full of depth.

Its main advantage? Its ultra-nourishing properties can quench the thirst of hair that has been dried out by colouring treatments.

Whichever technique you choose, you should still maintain your colour with targeted products, such as those from Jean Louis David's Go Color range .


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