Lilac hair: how do you rock this daring 2019 colour trend?

Lilac hair is all the rage on social networks already emerging as THE must-have hair trend of 2019. If you are still unsure whether to go for these violet highlights, the following is sure to convince you.

Forget ultra-bright shades when colouring your hair – the latest trend is pastel shades. Proof being, first the powder pink hair craze went down a storm and now “lilac hair” is emerging as the hot new trend. This hair phenomenon is becoming increasingly popular and gaining more and more followers.

A gentle colouring treatment

As its name would suggest, lilac is inspired by the flower of the same name. So, this new shade is a very soft violet hue enhanced by bespoke metallic highlights. Do you wish to create a smoky look? Go for steel grey highlights. Would you prefer a more romantic colour? Shades of powder pink and white will be perfect for enhancing your “lilac hair”.

“Lilac hair” is for everyone

The advantage of lilac hair is that it suits everyone. The whole look rests on the way in which it is adjusted. The more it verges on pastel tones, the more it will enhance pale complexions. These shades are easy to achieve for those with blonde hair, unlike brunettes who will have to bleach their hair first. In any case, you should know that this kind of colouring treatment will fade much more quickly than others, so you should keep it looking good with targeted products and regularly visit the salon to get touch-ups done on your colour.

Top tip: if you are not ready to take the plunge and go for full coverage lilac hair, there are other colouring techniques with a subtler finish: smoky hair, ombré hair and dip dye. Just what you need to rock the “lilac hair” trend in a more toned-down way.

The essentials of the season