Fine hair SOS: how can I get my chignon to hold?

Is your hair desperately lacking in hold, especially when you tie it up into a chignon? Don’t panic! Our expert gives you their advice on how to create a tied-up style which will hold perfectly for hours.

Is fine hair bound to be troublesome when styling?

“No, rest assured. In general, fine hair is not a nightmare to style. There are lots of women with this type of hair, many of whom are top models and celebrities. Fine hair proves to be even easier to style than thick, heavy hair. In fact, you can shape it easily. All you need to do is fix it correctly.”

Which style of chignon should I go for with fine hair?

“It all depends on the amount of hair you have. You can have fine hair, but a lot of it. In this case, you can go for any style of chignon and fix it using styling products. However, it becomes more problematic when you have fine hair with limited volume. When styling, make sure you can’t see through any thin patches. This is essentially a question of aesthetics. Some chignons, like the ballerina bun , don’t require much depth.”

What tips are there for making my chignon hold?

“Always establish a point at which you will tie up your hair before forming your chignon. Do it systematically, like our experts in their tutorials “How to create a floaty and simple chignon? ” and “How to create a low side chignon? “) First choose the point where you will tie up your hair. Backcomb the strands of hair slightly so they hold properly. Finally, create your base with a plait or a mini bun.”

Which styling products should I use to add hold?

Texture Powder is perfect for your fine hair. It smooths out the hair fibre, giving it hold. Always apply a small amount evenly all over. Your hair should hold without losing its suppleness.”

The chignon bun: is it possible with fine hair?

“Yes, of course! The chignon bun also suits fine hair. But with one condition: having enough length. Also, you should really use a bun hair accessory which will allow you to obtain the depth you so desire. To create it, place your accessory at the base of a high ponytail. Then hide it with your lengths, before fixing it on the inside using flat hairpins on top.”

Our advice

To finish, always fix your buns with an anti-humidity hairspray, such as Fix Spray , to guarantee flawless hold.

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