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Fine hair: change your haircare routine for summer?
Fine hair: change your haircare routine for summer?

Fine hair: change your haircare routine for summer?

Worried your fine hair may become damaged on vacation? Our pros reveal their best-kept secrets for keeping your hair in tip top condition this season.
Fine hair is naturally more fragile. ‘There’s a much higher chance of damage with fine hair types, meaning you’ll need to take extra care of yours. If your hair is not colored, apply sun protection such as the Multi-Purpose Leave-In Gel from the Sun Therapy range. This is a must-have when your hair is in contact with the sun’s rays on the beach or by the pool. Keep your locks soft by using a rich, hydrating shampoo. If your hair is colored, opt for more nourishing formulas and update your haircare routine with a few additions from the Color Therapy range'.
Even if your hair is fine, don’t feel like you have to follow the summer trends. ‘Opt for a hairstyle that suits your individual hair type. When swimming in the sea or in the pool, always tie up your lengths if they are long, although this isn’t essential. The only golden rule is to rinse hair thoroughly in clean water after bathing. This is extremely important to eliminate all traces of chlorine or salt which will cling to hair’.
Our advice: As well as being super on-trend, accessories such as hats, scarves and caps are your best friend during summer as they will act as a shield against sun damage. Select a style that is on-trend for this season to remain stylish whilst keeping your locks in top condition.
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