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What can I do with fine and curly hair?
What can I do with fine and curly hair?
What can I do with fine and curly hair?

Fine and curly hair: which haircut is perfect for you?


Is your hair both fine and curly? Follow our expert's advice on how to choose a personalised hairstyle which will immediately enhance your cascading curls.

Which hairstyle should I try out to enhance my hair?

"You can try out almost anything. The advantage of your hair type? As your hair is curly, it creates an impression of depth. As a result, it appears to be less fine than it actually is. It is therefore highly recommended you wear your hair down, leaving your curls natural. To show off the movement even more, you can also opt for light layers, to reinforce the whole effect. However, don't overdo this technique just to get maximum volume. Dare to try all lengths of hair, from short curly styles to XXL locks."

"Be careful if you are a fan of straightening! If your hair is too fine, straightening risks making your hair look even thinner. In addition, feel free to try all kinds of tied-up hairstyles to vary your look on a daily basis, by opting for one of this Spring's on trend chignons , for example."

"Nothing is stopping you from creating blow-dried styles from time to time to change your look."

Vanessa Giani

Which styling products should I use?

"Design Mousse is perfect for you! Once applied, it adds hold and gives definition to your curls, whilst giving thickness to your fine hair. You can also use Texture Powder or Texture and Hold Foamer in small amounts. When taking care of your hair, always choose a product which pumps up the hair fibre, whilst preserving its lightness and suppleness. It shouldn't flatten your curls, but rather, it should give you beautiful volume."

How can I maintain my hair?

"As for treatments, the Curl Therapy Shampoo is highly recommended . Enriched in vitamins, it has been specifically designed to strengthen, nourish and boost your curly hair. It also facilitates detangling by making your hair soft and shiny. Use it 2 to 3 times a week maximum... a real must-have for preserving beautiful curls which are full of vitality!"

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Vanessa Giani - trainer in Paris
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Vanessa Giani - trainer in Paris
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