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Dry shampoo, who is it for?
Dry shampoo, who is it for?

Dry shampoo, who is it for?

This shampoo is a fool proof trick to keep your hair looking at its best in all situations. We take a closer look at this shampoo which, once tried, will quickly become one of your favourite products!

What does it consist of?

Dry shampoo is a leave-in product which you spray all over your hair. It cleans the scalp, removing impurities. But not only that! It is also gives your locks a boost. A really easy to use repairing solution, it must only be applied occasionally and as a complement to classic shampoo.

Adopt it if...

• You are looking for a practical and effective treatment. In just a few sprays, dry shampoo gives a fresh look to your hair. For hours, your hair will stay looking clean and soft. Carry it with you everywhere in your handbag, then use it at any point in the day, whenever a touch-up is required.

• You wish to have more volume. Dry shampoo is a texturizing product. It adds maximum depth at the roots. Use it before tying up your hair to coat the hair fibre. Alternatively, spray it on your hair when you untie it, then brush. Your hair will be enhanced.

• You have greasy hair. It's simple: the more you shampoo your hair, the more your sebaceous gland is stimulated, producing excess sebum. Dry shampoo is therefore the best solution for spacing out how often you wash your hair. The proof: it gently cleans, absorbs the sebum at the roots and makes your hair less greasy.


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