Do you know which foods are the sworn enemies of beautiful hair?

You know which foods you should eat for hair that’s in great shape, but do you know which foods you should limit for your locks to stay in tip-top condition?

Refined sugars

Do you have a sweet tooth and love sweets and cakes? Or are you a fan of savoury carbs who can’t get enough of bread, pasta and rice? Well, bad news in both cases! All of these foods are very high in sugars (fast or slow release) which can interfere with protein absorption and lower your Vitamin E levels. Both of these are essential for your hair’s growth. As for your favourite soda, fizzy drinks are also packed full of sweeteners and artificial colours which can make your hair dry and brittle. So try to rein in your intake of sweet treats!


To keep your hair in tip-top condition, think twice before drinking that second glass of wine! Alcohol reduces the amount of zinc, folic acid, vitamin B and vitamin C in your body, which can weaken your hair. The result: your hair can stop growing and can even end up falling out.

Fatty fish

Do you think you are doing your hair good by eating copious amounts of salmon, tuna and herring? Careful! Limit your consumption instead, as although these fish are of course rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are good for your locks, they also contain a lot of mercury which is bad for your hair! It can even slow down growth and in large amounts can also cause hair loss.

Fatty foods in general

All kinds of fried food, dairy products and red meats are not only the enemies of your waistline, they also have an adverse impact on your hair, as excess fat in your diet stimulates the production of sebum which inevitably makes your roots greasy.

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