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Cutting hair at full moon
Cutting hair at full moon
Cutting hair at full moon

Cutting your hair at full moon, a good idea or a popular myth?


According to certain beliefs, the full moon is the best time to cut your hair. It is believed that the positive effects of the lunar rays stimulate its growth, making it even more beautiful and strong. So is it a myth or reality? We tell you everything on the matter!

What are the beliefs?

Several legends exist concerning the full moon, notably the enhancing effects it has on your hair. It is therefore seen as beneficial to go for a "lunar cut". This consists of sacrificing a few centimetres of your hair during the full moon. The promises are tempting: your hair will grow quicker, stronger and thicker. Furthermore, there are a handful of convinced hairdressers around the world. They even offer night time cuts at these times of the year which always take place outside.

Is it scientifically proven?

Even though this theory remains very appealing, it has never been scientifically proven. In fact, the positive influence of the moon on your hair is still to this day an unverified belief. For most hairdressers, there is no ideal period. It is only recommended to cut your hair a few centimetres roughly every 3 months to avoid having split ends and to give your hair a boost.

Furthermore, it is recommended to cut it just before your summer holiday. Why? If your ends are already damaged,they will be even more in contact with the sea, the sand and the sun. But this advice is still aesthetic... In general, human hair which is in good health, grows 0.5 to 2 cm per month and no phenomenon can change that!

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