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All there is to know about this daring hair colour
All there is to know about this daring hair colour
All there is to know about this daring hair colour
Hair colouring

Colour: play with the Manga trend


As a big Manga fan, do you dream of having brightly coloured hair, but are unsure of how to go about it? Head to your salon to avoid any colouring catastrophes and start to look at life through rose-tinted spectacles... Or even blue ones!

This season, anything goes. Manga and its pop art colours are inspiring It-girls everywhere. From pearl shades to rainbow hair, have fun with the most unlikely of colours to liven up this winter. However, do not forget that these hair colours will require even more upkeep than others.

Which technique should you go for?

You could choose a block colour for a vibrant effect, however the current trend is to go for a pink or blue ombré, keeping some of your natural roots to give a punk look. To create this effect, the colourist will offer you a choice of two techniques depending on the desired result: layering different tones or a dip-dye technique with a clear demarcation between the colours. In both cases, bleaching is required to get the colour you want, unless your base colour is extremely light. The hairdresser will then apply a treatment containing purple pigments to add a pearlescent effect that enhances the colour.

How long will this hair colour last for?

Plan on having monthly visits to the hairdresser to give your hair a radiant shine boost. To hold onto your colour for as long as possible, use treatments specifically formulated for grey or white hair, which will neutralise any unwanted highlights.

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