Choosing the right hair serum

Serum is a popular hair product for women, especially women in a hurry! Perfect for giving your hair an extra boost in just a few seconds. To find out which one to choose and how to use it, read this advice from our pros now!
Hair serums have been around for around 15 years are now used by many women in search of a quick miracle solution. “There are two types of hair serum. One is used for styling, so it only affects the hair’s appearance, while the other hydrates and nourishes the hair.” In both cases, application is quick and the result is instant, as serums don’t need to be rinsed out.
Serum comes in liquid form and each type is applied differently. “If you are using a serum to hydrate your hair, apply the product to damp hair, and then style it however you want. If you’re using it for styling purposes, use on dry hair to finish your style. Serum will add shine to your hair or get rid of frizz.”
Serum can be used together with other styling products. For example, you might use a styling mousse to give your hair volume. But the problem is you find that mousse tends to leave your hair looking dull. “The trick is to add a drop of serum to your mousse to get your hair shiny again!”
Be careful not to use too much of this miracle product when applying! The formula used to make serums is often highly concentrated, so don’t go pouring half the bottle onto your head. “Pour two or three drops into your hands, rub them together then apply to your hair.” You can also use serum throughout the day to touch up your hair and banish frizz. “But use sparingly. One drop, no more.”
Our tip: At Jean Louis David we use Nutri Serum. This is used as a finishing product to banish frizz, tame hair and give it a bit of extra shine! Apply to dry hair and feel free to concentrate on the ends if they are dry.


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