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Chignons for spring-summer 2013
Chignons for spring-summer 2013
Styles and trends

Chignons for spring-summer 2013

Some hairstyles never grow old. This is the case for ponytails, braids and chignons. But to avoid wearing them out, there’s no harm in revamping them every season. Discover the chignons for spring-summer 2013.
The 30-second chignon. This will be without a doubt one of your favourites this season! The 30-second chignon, otherwise known as the against-the-clock-chignon, is both slapdash and stylish at the same time. To add a bit of thickness, apply a styling mousse for body and texture. This chignon is worn low, in any shape you like!
The backcombed chignon. For a body-boosted chignon, backcombing is key. This will give you chignon an instantly sophisticated and retro style. Backcomb at the roots and lengths. Feel free to use a bun ring for even more body.
The high chignon. If you were wondering where to wear the chignon last season, well, for spring-summer there can only be one answer: on top! Flat, full of volume, miniature… Choose the shape you want but stick to this rule by placing it as high as possible on your head.
The glossy chignon. Chignons can pull of the wet look too. To get that just-back-from-the-beach look, use a gel to slick your hair back then create your chignon. Avoid using the gel on your roots, you don’t want to make your hair greasy. This is THE chignon to wear this summer!
The bun chignon. This body-boosted chignon, worn on the top of the head, is back this season in more than one form. Strict and slick at the top of the head or tousled for a more casual feel.
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