Caught in a downpour? How to deal with hair in the rain

Unfortunately, the autumn-winter season is usually full of dull, rainy days. What can you do with your hair after being caught out in the rain? Should you wash your locks and re-style from scratch? The pros give us their top tips and tricks for dealing with damp hair.
Most hair types tend to frizz when they come into contact with humid air. ‘This is a chemical reaction. In fact, the hair’s fibres are made up of keratin and each strand is sealed with hydrogen. This coating is very sensitive and reacts on contact with water which is why hair tends to curl and frizz in these conditions. Sometimes even the smallest change in room temperature can cause your hairstyle to take on a life of its own’.
Luckily, there are several different hair products designed specifically to combat this humidity! ‘Fix Spray and Perfect Curls are ideal for combating frizzy locks. Apply just before leaving the house on rainy days and your style should withstand the effects of the moisture in the air’.
On the upside, try and embrace the rain…after all, rainwater instantly makes your hair appear glossier. ‘The rain isn’t just something to complain about. Rainwater can actually enhance the natural shine of your locks, making them appear healthier. This doesn’t really apply in large cities as the air is overly polluted, however small to medium towns have purer air, meaning the rain can actually do your hair some good!’
Our advice: You don’t have to re-wash your hair to put some life back into your style. Simply dry with a hand dryer (easier said than done at work!) and run your fingertips throughout the roots to boost volume.


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