Can hair stop growing?

For several months you have noticed that your hair is no longer growing. It’s simple, despite all your efforts, your hair is hopelessly still the same length! First of all, understand why before discovering all the solutions available to you to help cure this problem.

How is this possible?

Your hair’s growth can only stop if you have problems with your health. This standstill can be explained by an illness, hormonal anomalies or even medical treatment such as chemotherapy. If you are in good health, this is quite simply impossible! In fact, your hair never stops growing. Generally, it will grow from between 0.5 cm to 2 cm per month. It all depends on your ethnic origin, as well as the nature and condition of your hair.

What slows down your hair’s growth?

You get the impression that there is a stagnation in growth as your hair is fragile and broken along the length of your hair or at the tips. Therefore, you are unable to notice it growing as the length isn’t changing. The damage your hair is subjected to is the main cause of this phenomenon, whether it be external damage (pollution, sun, hard water) or chemical damage (colouring, bleaching, permanent straightening, straightening). It can also be damaged during styling (detangling with too much force, excessively using heating devices).

How can I make it grow quicker?

Always use treatments adapted to the nature of your hair as part of your hair regime. Stimulate your scalp regularly by gently massaging it. You will activate microcirculation which delivers nutrients, essential for your hair’s health. Also, have any split ends cut off roughly every three months to give a boost to your hair. Finally, maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially in terms of your diet.

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