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Adopt a good regime to protect your straightened locks during your holidays
Adopt a good regime to protect your straightened locks during your holidays
Adopt a good regime to protect your straightened locks during your holidays

Brazilian straightening: how to look good in the summer?


Brazilian straightening is a keratin treatment which requires specific upkeep, particularly during the holidays when your hair is exposed to sea water, chlorinated pools and sunshine on a daily basis. Take a look at the following summer regime which you should adopt to keep your long hair looking straight for longer.

Shield your hair against UV rays

The best way to protect your Brazilian straightening is to shield your hair from the sun, as repeated exposure to UV rays will attack the keratin stored in the hair. The rays make holes in the hair shaft's protective barrier. This protective barrier keeps protein locked in the heart of the hair fibre. To keep your hair beautifully straightened, apply a hydrating sunscreen to your locks on a daily basis, such as Jean Louis David's Multi-Purpose Leave-In Sun Therapy treatment, which acts as a shield against the sun and prevents your hair from drying out.

Go for a high hairstyle

To prevent chlorine or sea water from loosening the hair's cuticles and damaging the keratin which was injected during the salon straightening process, put your hair up in a high updo. This will prevent your locks from dipping in the water. If you have short hair a ponytail will suffice. Otherwise wind your locks up into a top knot. These hairstyles are perfect for swimming and also allow you to increase the interval between hairwashes as much as possible. Washing your hair too often will also deplete the keratin stored in your hair.

A treatment duo: a mild shampoo and keratin mask

To wash your straightened hair, opt for a sulphate-free shampoo with a mild pH so as to not damage the hair fibre when washing. This way you can wash your hair whilst keeping the stored keratin intact inside the hair fibre. Additionally, continue the regime by applying a keratin mask, such as the one from Jean Louis David's Keratin Therapy range. This can fill in any gaps in the hair fibre, helping your locks stay looking perfectly straight.

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