Bangs: tips for choosing the right one and how to wear it right

Whether you prefer a short, long or full version, bangs are the ideal solution for changing up your look. If you plan to go for the chop soon, make sure you first discover our pros top tips and advice to making the right choice at your next salon appointment.

At Jean Louis David, our stylists will suggest several different options to help you in your decision. ‘What’s more, every client will be given a catalogue in order to help them find the exact fringe to suit them personally. Your stylist is also on hand to give their professional opinion on which bangs are right for you’.

Your choice of fringe will depend on a number of different criteria. ‘You’ll need to consider how your hair lies, its type (thick or fine) and its texture (straight, curly or frizzy). But above all it all depends on what you feel is right for you! Each different type of fringe can solve a different problem area; cover your forehead, open up your eyes, add a touch of personality or add some character to your style’.

Our advice: Regardless whether your hair is super long or super short, a fringe suits all different hair types and lengths. Once you have your bangs,look after them carefully to keep them looking fresh and radiant. For the perfectionists amongst you, you can head to the salon every 2-3 weeks for a trim to keep it looking on-point and flawless.

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