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Find out how to give a radiant light boost to a dark base colour
Find out how to give a radiant light boost to a dark base colour
Find out how to give a radiant light boost to a dark base colour
Hair colouring

Are blond highlights in brown hair a good idea?


Do you dream of having lighter strands in your brown hair, or would you like to gradually go blond? Ask your hairdresser for highlights.

Eva Longoria, Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna... They have all opted for highlights! A few lightened strands will give a radiant light boost and a thickening effect to all hair types. Although this technique is more common on light bases, it can also give a boost to dull or deep brown hair, allowing you to gradually go blond.

Which shade of blond should I go for?

For a sun-kissed effect, the ideal choice for brunettes is caramel highlights. The colourist will adapt the highlights according to your complexion, which is often paler in winter. Note that overly pronounced bleaching could look less natural and weaken the hair fibre.

What technique is used?

The colourist selects fine strands which they will bleach by two to three tones, depending on the desired result. After rinsing out the bleaching product, the hairdresser will apply a nutritive treatment which will close the hair's cuticles to repair your locks and give them shine.

Do highlights require specific upkeep?

Yes, however it is less restrictive than full coverage colouring. You should simply switch your standard shampoo for a product enriched in pigments to protect the colour and leave a treatment with purple pigments to soak into your hair once a week to prevent your blond highlights from yellowing. Finish off the regime with a weekly oil soak to nourish and repair damage-prone hair. At the salon, a treatment every 5 weeks should be enough to keep your highlights looking good.

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