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The twisted half-ponytail: a must-have hairstyle
The twisted half-ponytail: a must-have hairstyle
The twisted half-ponytail: a must-have hairstyle
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A closer look at the twisted half-ponytail


Simple and timeless, the half-ponytail is a classic hairstyle. This summer, opt for the twisted version for a sophisticated style or a more bohemian look.

To successfully create this hairstyle, you hair must be long enough (at least down to your chin). If your hair is shorter, you will find it much harder to get your half-ponytail to hold. Its main asset? It's a hairstyle which goes with everything. It works really well with bohemian, rock chick or more sophisticated outfits. And above all, it keeps the hair perfectly out of your face.

Three steps for creating it

Attention all styling novices: this hairstyle is very easy to successfully create! To achieve this look, you will need a brush, flat hairpins, hairspray and two small transparent elasticated hair ties.

1. Detangle your hair

Use a flat brush or a wide-toothed comb and work strand by strand. That's the best way to get rid of any knots. Do not skip this step, as detangling your hair will make the next step much easier.

2. Form your twisted half-ponytail

Before styling, think about the result you wish to create. Blow-drying your hair poker straight is perfect for a sophisticated hairstyle. On the other hand, opt for a wavy effect to accentuate a bohemian look. If you wish to straighten or curl your hair with a heating device, apply a thermo-active treatment beforehand: essential for protecting your hair, taming frizz and making your hairstyle hold for longer.

Is your hair ready to be styled? Mark out a centre parting for a structured effect or gather it all towards the back for a floatier finish. Then select two relatively large strands from the front on either side of your face.

Divide the first strand into two sections then twist them both together down to the tips. Hold them in place with an elasticated hair tie and repeat this on the other side. If the first strand is loose, feel free to tighten it before you continue. Gather the two strands at the back of your head by passing one over the top of the other. Hold the whole look in place with hairpins, being careful to hide them in your hair.

3. Fix your hairstyle

To make your hairstyle hold for longer, don't forget to apply hairspray all over. Our favourite product for ultimate hold? Fix Spray (best for getting rid of frizz). To ensure you apply the right amount, use the correct technique for spraying your strands.

How can I wear this style?

Just like the classic or the sleek half-ponytail, the twisted version can be worn in all circumstances, during the day as well as at night. Create this look in the mornings when you are in a rush as it takes just 5 minutes to style your hair.

As for make-up, you have carte blanche: nude make-up for a classic look or smoky-eyes for more of a rock chick style.

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