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Find out our expert's hairstyling advice which you can use on a daily basis.
Find out our expert's hairstyling advice which you can use on a daily basis.
Find out our expert's hairstyling advice which you can use on a daily basis.

5 tips to pinch from professional stylists


Do you want some practical styling advice? Our expert gives you some professional tips which you can use on a daily basis. Just what you need to revamp your beauty regime!

1. Always detangle your hair before shampooing

"Don't wait until you shampoo your hair to detangle it . Do it just before, using a large comb or a flat brush. This saves time when it comes to styling. Furthermore, your treatments will spread out more evenly if there are no knots in your hair. This technique is also great if your hair's texture is curly: you will not need to detangle it when styling so there is no risk of breaking up your curls."

2. Pre-dry your hair before styling

"Let your hair dry 80% (minimum), before straightening, blow-dry styling or curling. If you don't have much time, use a hair dryer but never work with damp hair. Heat and water are not a good mix: you risk burning the hair fibre, not to mention it will take you an eternity to shape your hair how you want it."

3. Work on specific sections using your heating device

"To obtain a modern hairstyle, feel free to work on targeted sections. For fans of flexible hairstyles such as the wavy effect , just focus on the mid-sections and leave your roots natural. Modern looks require a personalised result adapted to each haircut."

4. Use a fine comb to finish off straightening

"This tip is made for fans of poker straight hair . To obtain a perfect result, finish off straightening by working at the roots and hairline with a fine comb (much more precise than a brush). To do this, apply hairspray to the teeth of your comb, then tame any short wispy bits of hair. Don't forget to add heat with a hairdryer to obtain an ultra-precise poker straight look."

5. Apply a sculpting product for maximum hold

"This is essential for preparing your hair, texturizing and guaranteeing your hairstyle has flawless hold. The absolute must? You just need to apply a small amount of mousse or styling spray, such as Design Spray or Design Mousse. Then work with your hair by combining it with a source of heat. Finally, fix it all with the all essential hairspray. Careful, apply these products lightly to avoid creating a stiff or greasy effect."

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