3 weeks until New Year's Eve: our advice on getting a knockout hairstyle

That’s it, the countdown to the biggest party of the year has begun. It’s time to pamper your hair even more than usual, so that it looks as radiant as you this New Year’s Eve. To do that, here are 3 essential tips to follow.

Adopt a healthy diet

As your diet has a direct impact on your hair’s health, opt for a varied diet featuring healthy foods. On the menu: vegetables, fruit, cereals and dairy products. Not forgetting lean meat and white fish which give you the proteins required to produce keratin, one of hair’s main constituents. Dig in!

Massage your scalp

All too often forgotten about, the scalp is the foundation of your hair. The healthier it is, the better your hair’s condition. Hence the importance of regularly massaging it to promote the microcirculation of blood and nutrients. The result: your hair is stronger, softer and shinier. This is a beauty regime that you should adopt as soon as possible, as it is not only effective but also relaxing.

Get the ends of your hair trimmed

Whether you want longer hair or not, a regular trip to the salon is a must. On average, it is advisable to go every 3–4 months, but that may vary depending on your haircut and hair type. Whatever the case, freshening up your haircut will help get rid of dry tips and split ends. Just what you need to get that dream hairstyle for New Year’s Eve!

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