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You will fall for this colour worthy of Hollywood icons.
You will fall for this colour worthy of Hollywood icons.

3 great reasons to take the plunge and go platinum blonde!

Have you been feeling tempted by platinum blonde? Here are three reasons why you should give in to its array of golden shades.

Both glamorous and seductive, you may hesitate to go platinum blonde as with this colour there is no going back. Fortunately, when applied professionally, this shade has lots going for it. Here are three of its benefits which should convince you to book an appointment at the salon right away.

It is still as on trend as ever

For several seasons' platinum blonde has reigned supreme in the fashion sphere and is not about to give up its title. You only need to browse social networking sites to find a vast number of celebrities and influencers rocking this bleached blonde shade, proving that platinum blonde is the ideal choice for anyone wanting a colour that is at the height of fashion.

It suits everyone

Contrary to popular belief, platinum blonde is not solely for those with fair hair. Brunettes can also give in to this shade. The only prerequisite: that the hair is in very good condition, as it takes several stages of bleaching for a brunette to get this distinctively flawless colour. This means that your hair will be weakened significantly more if brown is your natural hair colour. No matter what your original shade, anti-yellowing treatments and nourishing masks are a must for pampering your freshly coloured hair.

It gives your look a boost

Daring and radiant, platinum blonde spices up your look with an irresistible glam rock touch. Femme fatale, rebellious, independent, mischievous... Reinvent your femininity with its stunning golden highlights. Rock this shade, and you are sure to stand out from the crowd.


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