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How do I maintain my platinum blond hair?
How do I maintain my platinum blond hair?
How do I maintain my platinum blond hair?
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How do I maintain my platinum blond hair?


Having beautiful platinum blond hair requires above all constant upkeep, both at home and in the salon. Discover the regime to adopt to keep your hair looking radiant, shiny and in good health.

Your hairdresser is your best ally

You have chosen a colour which requires professional maintenance. "If you have chosen platinum blond streaks or highlights you should go to the hairdresser roughly every 3 months. In fact, you must revive your highlights so your colour remains shiny and luminous long term. On the other hand, have you opted for a colour which requires several bleachings? Visit your hair salon every 4 to 6 weeks to carry out any touch-ups on regrowth".

"Before going for platinum blond, consider it carefully. This colour requires demanding upkeep to keep it looking attractive over time."

Luis Faria

At home, focus on targeted treatments!

Maintain your hair with products from the Color Therapy range. "They are the best for boosting your colour's pigments, maintaining good hydration of the hair fibre and deeply nourishing it. Two to three times a week, wash your hair with Intense Color Shampoo . Once a week, let the Deep Color Mask soak into damp hair for a few minutes, before rinsing thoroughly with clean water. Finally, just before you style your hair, apply a small amount of Ultimate Color Leave-In Treatment for shiny hair which is full of vitality".

A small tip: keep in mind, yellowing is one of the biggest enemies of your platinum blond hair. In order to catch or neutralise undesirable pigments, wash your hair once a month with an anti-yellowing treatment such as Energy and Brightness Shampoo from the Silver Therapy range.

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