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3 ways to wear braids in shorter hair
3 ways to wear braids in shorter hair
3 ways to wear braids in shorter hair

3 braid ideas for short and mid-length hair


Does your desire to wear braids seem at odds with your short or mid-length hair? Although you will not be able to create an XXL braid, nothing is stopping you from trying out one of the following 3 ideas, specifically designed for short haircuts and mid-length hair.

The braided strand

Do you lack the length needed to work all your hair into a braid? Don't discount this trend - opt for a braided strand .

The technique. Separate out a section of hair next to your face and choose the movement you wish to give your plait. Start braiding from the roots and continue left or right to frame your face. Once you have plaited down to the tips, simply hold your braid in place by crossing over two flat hairpins, which you can hide underneath your hair.

Multiple braids

Do four or even six braids to boost your bob. A perfect alternative to an overly tight braid, often done on short hair.

The technique. Start by marking out a middle parting before dividing the two sections of your hair in two or three equal sections depending on how thick it is. Put in parallel partings to balance out the hairstyle. Then take each section one by one and separate it into three sections in order to do standard braids. Just make sure that you tighten the braid more to give your braids a more sophisticated sleek look .

Mini cornrows

To feel comfortable whilst playing sport or to enhance your face, go for miniature cornrows. With this sleek braiding which stays close to your scalp, even shorter locks can be incorporated. This hairstyle can be adjusted to suit short and mid-length hair.

The technique. After having separated your hair into two sections with a middle parting, do the two braids one by one. To do this, select a section from the side of your face and divide it into three equal sections to create an inverted braid. This means passing the middle strand underneath instead of over the top of the others to add depth to your hairstyle. Continue with your braid, adding fine sections of hair from the left and right into the centre of the braid gradually as you plait. A top tip? Tighten it as you go to get a neat cornrow. Repeat this on the other side and there you have it!

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