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Does colouring your hair damage it?
Does colouring your hair damage it?
Does colouring your hair damage it?
Hair colouring

[TRUE/FACT] Does colouring your hair damage it?


A new hair colour has caught your eye, but you're worried about ruining your hair's health... Here is everything you should know about colouring your hair, so you can feel at ease when taking the plunge.

Temporary hair colouring is a risk-free option: TRUE!

Highlights, streaks, lightening or classic colouring... It's down to you to choose whichever technique suits you the best. Yes, temporary colouring has really got everything going for it as it fades and washes out gradually over time. The formulas used do not contain ammonia. Finally, it covers the hair fibre superficially without weakening it.

The only golden rule? Never choose a shade which is too far away from your base colour (one to three tones lighter or darker maximum). As an added bonus, by doing this, your hair is guaranteed to have a natural looking result.

Irreversible techniques are also risk-free: FALSE!

Seeing as permanent colouring is carried out using oxidation, it has a reputation of making your hair more sensitized. In fact, it deeply penetrates the hair fibre to modify the pigments in a permanent way. From then on, your hair is, in effect, weakened. However, if you maintain it regularly with treatments, there is no reason why it should be damaged.

As for bleaching, it's without doubt the most damaging technique. Ideally, avoid using it or only do so in exceptional cases. If it is carried out badly or is done too repetitively, it has a tendency to alter your hair's vitality long term.

Coloured hair requires a specialised hair regime: TRUE!

Whichever hair colouring technique you choose, pamper your hair at home using targeted treatments. The must-have regime? The Color Therapy regime, which has been specifically designed to prolong your colour's shine, whilst preserving your hair's health. Finally, don't forget to visit your hair salon regularly. The frequency of your salon visits will depend on the technique you go for.

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