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The roots are at the heart of the multi-coloured hair trend
The roots are at the heart of the multi-coloured hair trend
The roots are at the heart of the multi-coloured hair trend

[Instahair] A closer look at rainbow roots


A new flagship trend on social networks, rainbow roots is a multi-coloured colouring technique applied only at the roots without touching the rest of your locks. This trend is a more understated version of brightly coloured locks, but just as extravagant, and it creates unusual hairstyles full of colour.

Secret hair

Rainbow roots on short hair are understated, but revealed in full as soon as you lift up certain sections. From pink to blue, green to yellow, vibrant colours play hide and seek in your locks as you move. This is an ideal way go with this trend in a subtle way. Here, the almost fluorescent shades contrast wonderfully with the natural base colour to give a boost to the short haircut.

Pastel rainbow shades

Rainbow colours look all the more vibrant in platinum blond hair. A perfect blend of stylish extreme shades and the flagship blond of the season. To showcase this personalised colouring technique, you cannot beat a simple side parting! It enhances the layered bright shades to instantly warm up this blond verging on white. Who said all blondes were ice queens?

XXL roots

Here, the multi-coloured part goes down to the mid-lengths. With very strong colours nearest the roots, the colours gradually fade out down the lengths so that they eventually blend into the natural colour, without any clear demarcation lines. This version is perfect for women with long hair.

Extravagant hair

For the most daring amongst us, rainbow roots can be combined with coloured hair for a look that would not be out of place among carnival hairstyles. Here, a pastel balayage blends pink and purple shades with light blond, and rainbow roots are given even more of an off-the-wall twist.

The shock factor!

These pretty, floaty mini buns showcase two trends for ultimate impact: glitter roots and rainbow hair colouring. The middle parting, at the back of the head, is enhanced by touches of glitter and fluorescent streaks for a magical look.

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