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The braid, a real must-have look for 2016.
The braid, a real must-have look for 2016.

[Instahair] 3 Instagram accounts to follow for fans of braids

A firm favourite for several seasons, the braid has never been so popular. Even on Instagram, where it has been given a rock twist. Take a look at these three Instagram accounts which you should follow.

On Instagram, the hashtags plait and braid have around 5 million results. Not to mention the number of accounts dedicated to this style, confirming its major status.

1. @hairromance for becoming a pro

Christina is an out-and-out fan of braids. With her blog Hair Romance, she creates all kinds of plaits and posts them on Instagram. Her main asset? Besides her incredible creativity, we've fallen in love with her tutorial-style explanations. She brings to life the steps and details allowing you to successfully create hairstyles. Hung up about her curls for years, Christina now fully embraces them and knows how to enhance them. If you wish to style your curly hair, her account is a real source of inspiration. Forget complex hairstyles which are difficult to create, follow her news feed to learn some good techniques.

2. @kristenzellers to rock-up your braids

Kristen has made her account into a compilation of carefully put together posts. Her account's design is flawless, but her hair is undoubtedly the star of the show: long blond hair which she colours pink, blue or purple. With her punk style, she succeeds in modernising great classics. Braided crowns, pigtail and bohemian plaits, sleek cornrows, fishtail braids (an easy braid to create)... nothing escapes her. Kristen spots trends and creates them either from a half-ponytail or a ponytail. Her hairstyles are an inspiration for everyone, including brunettes and redheads. And if you have fallen in love with her style, take a look at her blog (kokay.me) which is full of great tutorials.

3. @amberfillerup for adapting braids to your outfits

Amber's account? A well-connected online family album complete with photos of fashion and travel with dazzling photos full of colour. Her common theme? Plaits. This 'braid addict' (as she describes herself) integrates them into her daily life. You'll find classics (braided crowns, pigtail plaits, African braids...) which she combines with cocktail dresses, or bohemian or city styles. Some of her hairstyles are very complex such as the twisted half ponytail which ends in a fishtail braid. Others are more fun, like her Pocahontas double braids.

Want to give these looks a try? Find out here how to create the African braid.


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