Which shade of blond streaks should you go for once summer is over?

Do you want to rock blonde streaks beyond summer? If so, a word of caution: what with your desire to go blonde, your damaged hair and your hair colour which has changed over the summer, making the right choice of highlights is even more important now than through the rest of the year. Here is how to avoid making a huge mistake this autumn!

A shade of blonde to keep the effects of the sun going

Do you miss the natural highlights that the sun puts in your locks over the summer? Recreate these light-catching highlights by choosing a light blonde suited to your base for a result that looks right. Platinum blonde is great if you already have blonde locks, but opt for honey blonde if you have red hair, and caramel if you have a dark base. These ultra-natural streaks will give a real light-catching boost to your locks!

A shade of blond that will not damage your weakened hair

Has your hair been damaged by your beach holidays, by your swimming in chlorinated water and the drying-out effect of UV rays? Whatever you do, don’t make your hair even more brittle with strong bleaching treatments which are bound to damage it. Forget light blondes and instead opt for dark blonde streaks which will gently illuminate your locks.

A shade of blond that corrects undesirable highlights

Has your light or medium brown changed colour over the summer, or have reddish highlights appeared in your hair? Then ash blond streaks are the ideal solution for restoring your base colour, without you having to opt for a full coverage colouring treatment. They will neutralise those annoying highlights and will give you a more even colour, without making your locks darker. A real godsend!