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All our advice on taking care of your moustache.
All our advice on taking care of your moustache.
All our advice on taking care of your moustache.

What's the best way to keep your moustache looking well-groomed?


The moustache is making a big comeback with "Movember", a movement which was started to raise awareness of illnesses that can affect men. What's the concept? Leave your moustache to grow for the whole month of November. To get prepared and ready, find out which regime you should adopt.

Recently James Franco also succumbed to the moustache. Following our advice on how to stimulate its growth, here is how to simply keep it looking well-groomed.

Use a hydrating treatment on a daily basis

Every morning, apply a day cream to your moustache, just as you would with the rest of your face. This regime has the advantage of boosting your moustache hair's shine and retaining your skin's vitality, whilst also preventing any tightness.

Touch up your moustache once or twice a week

Whether your moustache is short or long, the rules to follow are the same. To retain its shape and to control its thickness, trim it once or twice a week. The speed of growth determines how often you should trim it. How do you know when it's too long? It starts to cover your upper lip.

When trimming your moustache, lift the hairs with a fine-tooth comb and trim any stray hairs with a fine pair of scissors. This technique is simple and safe, and allows you to get an even result. Then comb your moustache and carry out any finishing touches using a razor (or an open razor) for a clean result. As a finishing touch, remove any hairs from underneath your nose and around the edge of your lips using tweezers.

If your moustache hair does not stay in place easily, use a styling product, such as wax, for a retro look. To apply it, heat up a small amount of the product in the palm of your hands, then spread it over your moustache using your fingertips. It will add hold, shine and protection.

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