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Find out how to promote beard growth.
Find out how to promote beard growth.
Find out how to promote beard growth.

Men: techniques for growing a beard


Gentlemen, is your beard having trouble growing? Although a miracle product doesn't exist, you can do some things which can make all the difference.

Clean your skin and beard to eliminate dead skin

The first step to facilitate beard growth is eliminating impurities (such as pollution). Morning and night, take a few minutes to clean your face. Say goodbye to soap (which is too abrasive) and opt for a more gentle product.

Once a week, complete your hair regime with exfoliation by gently massaging your beard. It's a quick and effective way to eliminate dead skin which can create very fine dandruff (not necessarily visible) and which can block hair growth. Have you already got the beginnings of a beard? Wash it regularly! Make the most of shampooing it with Moisture and Lightness Shampoo from the Oil Therapy range to eliminate any residue which has accumulated.

Hydrate and massage your beard to facilitate growth

Do you have a patchy beard? No product will be able to fill in the hairless patches but a good regime can facilitate the growth of already existing hair. Once your face is clean and dry, hydrate it with a targeted treatment (serum or a beard oil). For those who are really keen, use essential oils.

Rosemary cineole is a great skin revitaliser and hair stimulant. The perfect amount? Mix 70 drops in 100ml of sweet almond vegetable oil.

Massages are highly recommended to boost hair growth (not just for men with beards but notably for women following pregnancy ). You just need to apply pressure with a circular motion to your face.

Shave your beard

To show off a 3-day beard , feel free to cut it from time to time so it's more even. The best thing to do? Use a hair clipper comb guide and shave against the hair growth. Our advice: don't forget to remove hair from your neck with an upwards movement.

Eat a balanced diet to avoid deficiencies

As well as having a balanced diet (vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss), consider hydrating yourself regularly to eliminate toxins. One less barrier to promoting hair growth.

To go one step further, check to see if you have a good shaving technique: there are numerous mistakes you can avoid!

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