[True Facts] Does trimming your hair really make it grow more quickly?

No, getting the ends of your hair trimmed does not speed up hair growth, but it is beneficial for getting beautiful locks.

Trimming your hair doesn’t speed up hair growth…

At least once, we have all wondered if it is possible to make our hair grow more quickly . With an average of between 1 and 1.5 cm of hair growth per month (note: not everyone’s hair is the same), we must be patient when going from a long bob to XXL hair.

To stimulate growth, focus on the scalp, not the tips. Head massages can promote the growing process (by activating blood micro-circulation and delivering nutrients), whereas cutting the tips has no impact on the speed of hair growth. However, despite the lack of evidence for the popular belief that cutting your hair one evening during a full moon will boost growth, the idea may not be completely without merit.

….but it facilitates hair growth

Ok, your hair won’t grow 10cm in one month after a few trims, but freshening it up has an impact! Amongst the elements which slow down hair growth, dry tips and split ends are at the forefront: by climbing up the hair fibre, they slow down growth. Do you think it is possible to get rid of split ends without going to the salon? Once they’re there, it’s too late- you must get them cut. However, you can prevent the problem by using targeted products. It’s no secret: you must use targeted treatments which are suited to your hair type . Your hair regime will not be the same if you have dry, damaged or coloured hair.

Other ways of boosting hair growth

Besides getting the ends trimmed regularly, other tips can facilitate growth (even though a miracle product still does not exist). If you have got into the habit of tying your hair up, take a break from it. Too many tightly tied hairstyles, such as chignons or ponytails, can slow down hair growth. Similarly, make sure you have enough vitamins (B6 strengthens the hair fibre and promotes growth), that you have targeted nutrition and drink plenty of water.

Leading a healthy lifestyle directly has an impact on the quality of your hair, especially as the seasons change . Typically, the transition from summer to autumn is harsh on our hair due to an excess of keratin (boosted by the sun and heat) which begins to subside at the start of autumn. The result: the hair is made weaker.

Are you in between two lengths? Find out how to style a bob or a growing out fringe by taking a look at our special article .

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