[True Fact] Does seasonal hair loss really exist?

At the end of each season, several women notice they have lost some hair. For some, this almost goes unnoticed. For others, this hair loss is a real problem as their hair loses its thickness. Is this seasonal phenomenon proven? If it is, how can we rectify it? We tell you everything!

Hair reacts to climatic changes: TRUE!


Your hair is sensitive to climatic conditions so is continually evolving. Seasonal hair loss is explained by a radical change in climate, notably sunshine levels and temperatures. This influences your hair’s growth renewal cycle until it adjusts to the climate and goes back to normal.

Every day, you naturally lose up to 50 hairs . With the onset of spring or autumn, it is quite common for a larger number to fall out (between 50 and 100 hairs a day). This hair loss generally lasts between 4 to 6 weeks. Furthermore, this phenomenon is often reinforced by fatigue, stress and can go hand in hand with going back to work, bad weather, and generally feeling down…

After summer, your hair is weakened: TRUE!


During summer, your hair is beautiful as the sun and heat activate your hair system, which produces more keratin. In autumn, this intense rhythm is slowed down by the onset of cold weather. During your summer holidays, your hair also has to face several external damaging factors, such as chlorine, sea water, or even sunrays. At the start of autumn, it is weakened and has a tendency to break more easily. In summer, consider protecting it as often as possible with sun cream, such as the Multi-Purpose Leave-In Gel from the Sun Therapy range .

You must alter your hair regime as soon as you notice hair loss: TRUE!


Go for treatments which promote hair growth . The must-have products? Those from the Keratin Therapy range, which were specifically designed to nourish, strengthen and repair your hair. Your lifestyle can also help you to fortify your hair during this period, by starting with targeted nutrition. To activate the regrowth process, make sure you get plenty of iron and vitamins! Not forgetting to drink lots of water as healthy hair, above all, needs to be perfectly hydrated.

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