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How to achieve the dip dye effect in curly hair
How to achieve the dip dye effect in curly hair
How to achieve the dip dye effect in curly hair
Hair colouring

The dip dye technique in curly hair


First Beyoncé and Rihanna, now it's your turn to dare to try the dip dye technique in your curly hair. Classic with blond/caramel or quirky with pastel tones, this colouring technique is a sure way to boost your locks.

According to popular belief, dip dye is only meant for straight hair. This is completely untrue! This half-tone colouring technique, which creates a shading effect between the roots and the tips, works just as well in curly hair.

Is the technique that's used different for curly hair?

It is just a matter of having a point of reference when applying the bleaching product. In fact, the colourist must anticipate how the curls will react when they bounce back up, once the hair is clean and dry.

Is it achievable in short curly hair?

Not really. A dip dye creates ⅓ dark roots and ⅔ lightened lengths, using the tips of the ears as a point of reference for where to start the shading effect. That's why more often than not it is applied to mid- to long-length hair to create a balanced contrast between the roots and the tips. In short hair, the result will be less subtle. If the contrasting colours are closer together, the shading effect will be replaced, unfortunately, with a more "obvious roots" effect, as if your hair colour is growing out. If this is the case for you, opt for "ombré hair" instead for a less pronounced contrast to enhance your bob.

Does dip dye require specific treatment?

Curly hair is generally weaker than straight hair. Its curly shape prevents the serum from circulating properly in the hair fibre. Not as well-nourished as straight locks, curly hair dries out more easily. Normally it requires constant nutritive treatments . The day you get your hair dip-died, your hairdresser will suggest a nourishing mask for your locks, to help ease the damage caused by bleaching. Alternate between using an Argan butter mask (its anti-oxidising properties can help deeply repair the hair fibre) and a treatment that's enriched with pigments to prolong and boost your hair's colour.

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