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Get a buzz cut for an on-trend rocker style!
Get a buzz cut for an on-trend rocker style!
Get a buzz cut for an on-trend rocker style!

The buzz cut: the edgy trend for Autumn-Winter 2017/2018


Crew cuts are no longer just for the military - they have become one of the must-have looks of the season. So, gentlemen, are you ready to go for an ultra-short shaved look?

The new generation buzz cut

Spotted on the catwalks at the Versace, Paul Smith and even Givenchy fashion shows, ultra-short edgy buzz cuts are emerging as one of the must-have styles of Autumn-Winter 2017/2018. This extreme haircut, which generally leaves you with less than a centimetre of hair, is styled more than it would at first appear. This fresh new style is not completely shaved. Rather than fully shaving all of the hair evenly, your hairdresser will style the haircut with two lengths so it is nicely layered behind the ears and at the nape of the neck with a good centimetre of hair on top to keep its volume. This gives the haircut a more modern, street look, while keeping that somewhat bad boy style!

Who is it for?

Going for an ultra-short buzz haircut is ideal if you want to showcase your features and are looking for a practical on-trend look. Plus, you can go for this cut no matter what your hair type! Whether you have abundant curls that are difficult to style or find it hard to get a hairstyle to enhance your thick locks, the crew cut is the perfect solution for men who cannot manage to control the volume of their locks!

The only slight drawback is that this ultra-short haircut can make any features that you would rather hide stand out, such as sticky-out ears or an unevenly-shaped head.

What are the advantages?

Easy to wear day-to-day, buzz cuts require little upkeep. They are also ultra-quick to style! Regular touch-ups will ensure that your haircut stays looking perfect for any occasion.

The crew cut is also a real lifesaver for concealing widow's peaks, thinning hair or balding, which longer haircuts tend to accentuate.

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