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The best colour treatments for long hair
The best colour treatments for long hair
Hair colouring

The best colour treatments for long hair

Some people would give anything to have long hair. But if you’re lucky enough to have luscious long locks, they’re sure to get you noticed. To get the best out of your long hair, make sure you choose the right cut and colour.
Long hair tends to be more fragile than other hair. Why? Time goes by and the tips of your hair end up getting tired out. “That’s why it’s so important to get your hair trimmed regularly. Check your ends frequently and visit your hairdresser before you start getting split ends. That way your hairdresser won’t have to chop too much off.” You should also care for your ends on a daily basis. Nourish them deeply using hydrating products, such as masks. This will help stop split ends appearing.
Once your hair is in good condition you can start thinking about your colour! “To avoid making your hair more fragile, especially the mid-lengths and ends, go for ammonia-free colouring products. These are less harsh on you and your hair.” Temporary colour is another good option. “At Jean Louis David we call this temporary colour “Gloss”. This product adds shine to your hair and enhances and brightens your natural colour.” The other good thing is that it washes out after a few washes!
You can also opt for highlights (Contrast at Jean Louis David). “This partial colour service enhances long hair by attracting light to certain sections. That way your hair doesn’t have to go through the stress of an all-over colour!”
Finally, you could also go for a very stylish dip dye, which looks great on long hair, creating a striking contrast between the mid-lengths/ends and the roots.
Our tip: To preserve your colour, make sure you give your hair lots of TLC! If you have dry ends, give them lots of hydration with masks and other treatments for dry hair. To stop your colour from fading, use pigmented treatments for coloured hair. These will leave your locks looking a million dollars. Alternate between the two for optimum results!
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