Ten preconceived ideas about highlights

“There is only one type of highlights”, “Highlights are the same as blond streaks”, “I can’t get highlights as my hair is too fine”… There are so many preconceived ideas which make you think highlights are not for you. So that you no longer deprive yourself of a beautiful balayage, we help you say goodbye to misconceptions!

1. Highlights and streaks are the same

False. With streaks, the coloured strands are much wider and more distinct than highlights and they are designed to create a greater contrast with your base colour.

2. Highlights are just for natural hair

Not at all! Although they are ideal for brightening up your original colour or covering your first grey hairs, highlights can also be applied as a finishing touch to a standard colouring treatment to enhance your locks and add in an array of tones.

3. Highlights suit any haircut

False. Highlights do not suit extremely short hairstyles as this technique requires a certain length for your hairdresser to successfully add touches of light to your hair and to achieve a natural and harmonious result.

4. There is only one highlighting technique

False. Highlights can be applied just to the upper section of hair, underneath to add more depth or even just to the tips or around the face to brighten up your haircut. Your colourist will even sometimes combine several of these techniques to adapt the highlights to suit your hair’s colour and length. Jean Louis David salons offer a Contrast treatment for fair bases, a Sunlight treatment for brunettes and the all-new Soft Light treatment specifically designed for long hair.

5. Highlights suit all hair colours

True. Whether you are blonde, brunette or a redhead, highlights will give a radiant shine boost to your hair whilst keeping it looking very natural. Your colourist will simply adapt the shade of your highlights to suit your base colour.

6. Highlights are always blond

No. Quite the opposite, this is just the mistake that you should not make! Light-catching, understated highlights should be a similar shade to your base colour. Although blondes can go for platinum highlights and those with light brown locks can opt for pretty honey shades, your hairdresser will not overly lighten brown hair and will opt for caramel highlights instead. Similarly, unless you have strawberry blond locks, your colourist will add different shades to your red hair in warm cherry or garnet tones, not blond.

7. Highlights are impossible on curly hair!

False. You can opt for highlights whatever your hair type. They are even perfect for adding more depth to your curls!

8. People with fine hair should avoid highlights

Not necessarily. Of course, you should avoid having highlights done too often so as not to weaken your locks. However, the texture of your hair could improve thanks to colouring treatments which coat the hair fibre. Go for it!

9. You can do DIY highlights at home

Strictly speaking yes, as there are colouring kits available in supermarkets specifically for this. However, only a professional colourist can make sure that you get optimum results. The application requires expert skill to create personalised highlights, so head to the salon to avoid any disappointment.

10. I can get highlights as much as I want

Well, no, as highlights leave your locks prone to damage! To keep your hair hydrated, soft and shiny, do not have highlights done more than 3 times per year.

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