Take a closer look at the Liss Therapy Long-Lasting Smoothing Mist

Huge fans of blow-drying should take note! Jean Louis David offers you its Long-Lasting Smoothing Mist which has been specifically designed to take care of your hair. Adopt it on a daily basis for beautifully straightened, resilient hair which shines with health.

The Long-Lasting Smoothing Mist is a treatment from the Liss Therapy range suitable for thick and untamed hair. Its formula is enriched with silk proteins and cottonseed oil. It acts as a gloss on the hair fibre, protecting it from both heat, your straighteners and from humidity. The result is long lasting: your hairstyle will not move for hours whilst your hair will remain shiny for a long time.

Who is it for?

Fans of straightening who wish to keep their hair in full vitality. In fact, this mist is best for deeply hydrating your hair whilst boosting its shine. It also allows you to make your hair more supple on a daily basis in order to facilitate detangling and styling. Another note: it has an ultra-light texture which smells deliciously good due to its fresh and flowery fragrance.

How should I use it?

Spray the Smoothing Mist on damp hair, concentrating on the lengths of your hair and the tips. Carefully untangle your hair with a flat brush. You will therefore allow the product to be evenly spread out. Then proceed to style your hair, straightening it out section by section with hair straighteners or using a hairdryer with a round brush.

Our advice: adopt the entire Liss Therapy regime to optimise the effectiveness of your treatment. Two to three times a week, wash your hair with Anti-Frizz Smoothing Shampoo. Finally, once a week: let the Control Smoothing Mask soak into damp hair for a few minutes before thoroughly rinsing with clean water.

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