Should I choose professional haircare products or supermarket alternatives?

You must have asked yourself the following question a dozen times: have I made the right decision when choosing my haircare products? So, how should you decide between buying salon or supermarket haircare brands? The pros give their top tips.
Every woman should know that supermarket shampoos and conditioners have a lower quantity of active ingredients, with more soap content than salon brands. ‘In general, supermarket products tend to add silicone to their formulas to enhance shine. However, we would recommend against using this ingredient. Similarly, these brands can use large quantities of paraben which isn’t good for your hair’.
Jean Louis David haircare products are available for every budget. ‘You should be prepared to pay a few pounds extra, but no more than this. Your hair deserves higher quality and going the extra mile will really benefit the condition of your locks. You should always consider the relationship between quality and price when selecting your next shampoo or conditioner. Remember that the shampoos used in hair salons are more concentrated and tend to be sold in larger bottles, meaning the price will be slightly higher to reflect this’.
Higher prices can also be justified by the amount of time and research that goes into higher-quality products. ‘Superior products require more research to create specialised formulas. You’re not just paying for the packaging and brand name. Salon products are also more tailored to individual hair types’.
Our advice: If you can’t afford to buy salon products every time you’re stocking up, try to treat your locks at least twice a year. Opt for a shampoo and conditioner as the active ingredients work in combination with each other for a salon finish.


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