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Red hair: which make-up will enhance my features?
Red hair: which make-up will enhance my features?
Red hair: which make-up will enhance my features?
Hair colouring

Red hair: which make-up will enhance my features?


It's well known that successful make-up should suit both the colour of your eyes and hair. Whether you are a natural redhead or your hair is coloured with either a discreet tone or flaming red, discover our advice to create a personalised style.

Unify your skin

Aim for a fresh and natural looking complexion! If you wish to combine make-up and treatments, go for a BB or a CC cream instead. They will invisibly correct your imperfections whilst keeping your skin hydrated. They are also best if you have freckles you wish to keep visible.

Furthermore, you can use classic foundation. Therefore, choose a formula with adjustable coverage to adapt your make-up according to the occasion. As for blusher, opt for orange tones such as coral, apricot or peach. They will instantly make your complexion look radiant.

Our advice: as a general rule, your skin is very sensitive to UV rays. Therefore, opt for a product with an SPF which will effectively protect it from the sun.

Enhance your eyes

As for eye shadow, all shades of green (olive, khaki, emerald...) are safe bets for you. But not only that! Warm tones such as gold, copper or bronze, will also create beautiful effects. On the other hand, feel free to highlight your eyes with brown or black eyeliner. And for big evenings out, dare to opt for an intense and sophisticated 'smoky-eyes' look.

Our advice: your eyelashes often tend to be very light. Therefore, use brown mascara so they don't contrast too much with your pale skin.

Wear lipstick

On a daily basis, go for a natural look with nude lipstick. It's down to you to choose the texture which suits you best: matt or glossy. Peach, apricot or pink tones will suit you like a dream! Alternatively, for special occasions, wear deep or bright colours such as burgundy or glamourous red, provided that your eyes remain discreet for perfectly balanced make-up!

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