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Men’s styling essentials
Men’s styling essentials

Men’s styling essentials

Your man doesn't skip a beat when it comes to trends, and he doesn't even have to use your styling tools. Depending on their haircut, men sometimes have to spend no more than 2 minutes styling their hair. But to perfect their styles, they need to use styling products. Find out which ones.
Today, men can use all the products that women use, but they don't necessarily need to. "Most men only need a comb or a brush to structure their hair. Or sometimes just their fingers! More and more men are choosing styles that follow their hairline as these take a lot less time to create."
A good haircut helps men's hair fall into place naturally, especially if it's fairly short. "For those who are after a change and want to create a different structure, a comb and gel or wax are the best items for the job. 50s-inspired styles are all the rage at the moment and they don't require much work. For these slick, shiny styles, you'll need a styling wax and a comb to achieve the desired results."
Our tip: Men like to play around with their hairstyles just as much as women. And wax and gel aren't the only products that can vamp up hair. Men and women can even share their hair products. That way, you've got twice as many products to choose from!
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