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 Find out which mask is perfect for your hair
Find out which mask is perfect for your hair

Men: Which hair mask should you go for?

Gentlemen, you often forget that hair masks are the ideal treatment for tackling your hair issues. They are even essential for taking care of hair that is mid-length or longer. Read on to find out how to choose the right mask for maximum effectiveness.

A repair mask for damaged hair

Too much styling product, frequent use of the hairdryer or straighteners and regular sports sessions in chlorinated water are all factors which can dry out your hair. Your locks can then become weak and course. To counter the harmful effects of your daily routine, opt for a regenerating mask which will deeply nourish the hair shaft. This is also the perfect treatment for dehydrated long locks. With this mask, you can restore your hair back to its soft and shiny glory.

A clay mask for greasy hair

Are your roots quick to go greasy? Apply a green clay mask to your scalp and leave it to soak in to treat excess sebum. This mask will purify your scalp in no time at all, coming to the rescue of urban dandies who are often faced with the issue of pollution, and sporty types who play in the mud.

A protective mask for colour fans

If you have gone for highlights or a new colour, opt for a product specifically formulated for preserving your colour's pigments and for boosting your hair's shine.

A pigment mask for salt and pepper hair

Keep your grey hair looking good by using a treatment with blue or purple pigments to neutralise yellowish tones and enhance your grey locks.

An express mask for men in a hurry

If you don't like spending time in the bathroom and find it hard to wait for the full application time required for standard masks, you have other options. Go for a multi-purpose formula which will take action in 3 minutes flat, or even a leave-in product to treat your hair to the max in one hit. You will be out of excuses for not taking care of your hair now!

Good to know: never apply product to excess, as it could weigh down your locks. A small amount of product is enough for short hair, and one large squirt is enough for longer locks.


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