Men: is it possible to use something other than gel?

Gentlemen, do you no longer know how to style your hair without using your favourite gel? Does the latter tend to make your hair rock hard and leave behind white residue? If so, don’t panic, here are three equally easy alternatives to use.

Although gel has its advantages, applying too much has a guaranteed stiffening effect. Fortunately, there are other styling products out there which give you decent hold with a natural result.

Wax for styling with a natural look

With styling wax you can say goodbye to the overly stiff look. Ideal for adding structure to both short and mid-length styles, this product tames unruly hair without weighing it down. So, your hair stays looking shiny and soft throughout the day. Simply warm up a small amount in the palms of your hands before applying, and that’s all there is to it!

Mousse for structuring curly hair

If your curly hair is giving you a hard time, styling mousse is just the product you need. With its characteristic light texture, it coats the hair fibre. The result: the waves look more voluminous. Not to mention that they are re-sculpted and held in place in a very natural way.

Texturizing powders for a volumizing effect

Is your fine hair lacking in volume? Without further ado, opt for a texturizing powder to give your hair body. Invisible with a lightweight texture, this product allows you to style your hair however you wish. To do so, pour a small amount of product into your hands and scrunch your hair, lifting it at the roots with your fingers.

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